一軒家の利点を活かし、既存の内装を解体しつつできるだけ広く多様な空間を生み出すことができるような計画を考えた。内壁の仕上げ=鏡と考え、建具の様に鏡が回転することで、ヘアカットをする位置を自在に変える ことができるような仕掛けとした。鏡扉を全てしまうと、大きな空間が確保でき、鏡に角度をつけると、囲まれたような空間が生まれて場所を小さく使うこともできる。使い勝手に応じてスペースを作ることができることで、アクティビティが生まれることを期待している。

The project is a conversion from automobile material shop to a hair salon located in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. The client is a designer couple who decided to return to their own hometown after working in Tokyo. With the contribution and aim of encouraging the communication with local community, a single building can be a new small centre of local community.

Since the site is located in 市街化調整区域 (Urbanization Control Areas), where it is generally planned to be a countryside with limited urban facilities except existing buildings, the project should take its limitation but advantage to complement its social importance to the rural conditions. Therefore, the project is more than a hair salon, but it is a small living room to the local community.
Within limited budgets, the construction was minimal but allowing the maximum flexibility. In order to create a wider space, the internal walls were demolished, but kept existing structural column and placed rotatable mirrors. The space can be adjusted by different needs of hair care servises. The space can be layout differently according to different group size of people, such as family, couple or alone. Due to its flexibility, the space is also inviting the local people to hanging around to this small living room.